When you choose to do business with the Douglas Kent Real Estate Family, you’re guaranteed an experience that’s enjoyable and stress-free as our team puts their hearts and souls into building or helping you find a home that you will love.

Since 1974, Douglas Kent has gained a reputation that we continue to honor, a reputation of honesty, dependability, and a long list of satisfied homeowners. For nearly 50 years, the homes we have built are a testament to the high quality we’re committed to delivering. Wherever they’re located in southeastern Wisconsin or beyond, our developments are thoughtfully planned to provide family-friendly environments that have attractive curb appeal and many amenities inside.

As a family-owned business, we operate on down-to-earth fundamentals that make our team both accessible and compassionate. Doug and Todd Stanich, father and son, provide knowledge and expertise in the local development and construction fields. Joan and Jade Stanich, design consultants, are available to walk you through the selection process, adding creative touches and flair to your home. Michael and Debra Stanich, provide professional real estate assistance to help you in your home search or the sale of your home.

We live up to the saying “we treat you like family”. Unlike a production builder, or hobby real estate agent, we’ll work hand in hand with you, listening to your needs, supporting your ideas, and giving you the personal attention you deserve.

Douglas Kent is committed to providing you a personal experience. You will work directly with Doug Stanich and his expert team during the entire building process. Creating a true custom home takes time and attention; at Douglas Kent we work to bring your visions to reality. Our mission is to create a home that fits your lifestyle. We achieve this by understanding your visions and lending over 40 years of building experience.